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Lotos Plasma Cutter Reviews: LTP5000D 50AMP Dual Voltage

By |September 4th, 2019|Categories: Reviews|

The LTP5000D air inverter plasma cutter is one of the best from Lotos as it is best cordless drill brands. It has a very diminutive size which has impressive amounts of power. This is one of the cheapest yet effective models in the market when it comes to plasma cutter.

The review

It is one of the bets plasma cutting tool available as it works even under tighter circumstances. The build of the whole cutter is quite strong and has quality. The price tag comes within a budget as well as it is an attractive choice for people who are looking at a good production level tool.

The Arc functionality allows the whole machine to work easily which is perforated, rusted or painted. The efficient inverter has a power source technology which works with maximum output. One place where the unit let us down is the fact that the ground clamp was not as strong and the air hose it comes with does not give any heavy use. The unit can be easily set up to a 110v booth or a 220 v booth. It can make cuts 1/4 inch deep with its maximum amperage. This unit has a 65psi of clean dry air which requires you to clean the nozzle during the operations.


The positive aspects

  • The compact size of the unit makes it much more likeable, as it weights just 22.5 pounds. This unit is easily portable with the help of the handle given above.
  • Can be helpful while you are working in tight spaces as it has a cable which is long enough to have a free motion while cutting.
  • It can cut upto 5/8 deep for mild steel and is slow moving for materials like aluminium which can break apart easily.
  • If you are trying to cut thicker materials you would require a 220v circuit and for lighter materials 110v circuits can make clean and smooth metal cuts.

The negative aspects

  • The cable given could be counted on the shorter side on the basis on length which is not the end but can be helpful with an extended cord.
  • The torch itself stays on the flimsier side of the as it does not have the right guard which can make it easier for hits.
  • The aggressive use of consumables is one of the biggest draw backs. Having a lot of airflows can help with the running of the unit.
  • This issue is not just with this unit but with cheaper units as they chew on a lot of consumables and can run out pretty quickly. Try to use it when required to ensure the saving of these material.
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